Sen. David Vitter threatens Louisiana radio stations with litigation for broadcasting attack ad mentioning his fine for battery on a woman and his hiring of prostitutes.  Um, good luck with that.  NOT!

. . . when it’s effing convenient for HER, that is:

But if you’re a brown person or a Muslim wanting to worship, forget about it! No you can’t haz 1st Amendment; NOT YOURS.


I hate to give attention whore Sarah Palin any more of what she craves, but this video says so much about her character that I thought I’d fling it up here. Don’t miss Bible Spice’s face when the woman who put up the “World’s Worst Governor” banner says what she does for a living.

You can not make this shit up.

Who needs The Onion when satire is indistinguishable from reality?

Dear LORD what a tool Michael Steele is.  And yet he’s survived scandals and gaffes that would have sunk anyone else.  I can’t wish him gone, though I’m sure the Republicans do.  Steele and Sarah Palin are their reward for playing identity politics, which they always do badly.

cats frowning

As several commenters point out, this is regarded as a greater breach of decorum than hollering “YOU LIE” during the President’s State of the Union speech, or telling a senior Senator to go EFF himself on the Senate floor.  Ugh, the hypocrisy!

Figures that when Rethuglodytes become the slightest bit tech-savvy, it turns out thus.

Because, as Screwtape said, “People think we put things INTO their heads, when our best work is done by keeping things OUT.”  That’s as true for a secular evildoer as any other.

baby bothers kitty

MediaMatters:  Tea Party FAIL

If I couldn’t get a better turnout at my church picnic, I would HAZ a SAD.

The mainstream media will keep covering it, though, as though it were not the fringiest fringe and the astroturfiest Astroturf.

party over

Denver bicycle program is part of U.N. plot, says Colorado Tea Party candidate.

What the hell are these people on?

Rethugs eat their own, as they are wont to do.  I don’t actually feel too sorry for the guy, but at least he has some integrity, which so few of them do right now.

Some of these people are loony even by South Carolina standards, WHICH IS SAYING A LOT.


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